Meet the Gallery Gals


Born and raised in Philadelphia, Sherree and her husband Michael relocated to the Chicago area in 1981 for Michael’s position as a women’s apparel representative. Sherree attended Penn State University, starting as an art major, then eventually earning her degree in the Sciences. This combination of mathematics and art would come in handy in the world of fashion retailing.

While raising two sons and working side by side with Michael, they opened their showroom in The Chicago Apparel Mart and built a successful business introducing up and coming designers to fashion retailers throughout the Midwest.

In 1995, Sherree decided to buy The Clothes Gallery and the beautiful Beaux-Art building in historic Downtown Crystal Lake. Reinventing the business in her own fashion, The Clothes Gallery became a mainstay of the downtown, and is the leader in women’s fashions and accessories for McHenry County and beyond.


FAVE MOVIES, STYLE EDITION: “North by Northwest”, “Philadelphia Story” and “Pretty in Pink”.

DESERT ISLAND TUNES: I'm a sucker for soundtracks!

FAVORITE DESIGNERS: Depends on my mood!

WHO INSPIRES YOU?:  If you’re in my life, you inspire me one way or another.

PERSONAL MANTRA: May the Force be with you. (Have to get my Star Wars reference in somewhere.)

FAVORITE AUTHORS: Jane Austin, J.K Rowling

PERSONAL STYLE: I like classic looks, with a twist. But deep down I'm a jeans, t-shirt, boots kinda girl.

STYLE ICONS: Grace Kelly, Jackie O, Debbie Harry


FAVORITE MOVIES, STYLE EDITION:  Parent Trap, The Devil Wears Prada and Christmas movies: Holiday Inn, White Christmas and the Family Stone

DESERT ISLAND TUNES:  James Taylor, BeeGees and Luke Combs!!! I like to mix up my genre.

FAVORITE DESIGNERS:  Any jewelry!! Love Freida, Kendra.... the list is long!! Clothing: currently loving Joseph Ribkoff, By JJ, Comfy, Tribal...that’s a long list too but basically most things Sherree brings in.

WHO INSPIRES ME: Strong, humble, genuine people!! Being open to that I find lots of them!

PERSONAL MANTRA: “Be Still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10). We are not in Control!!

FAVORITE AUTHOR:  Sarah Young, C.S. Lewis

PERSONAL STYLE:  Definitely flowy and funkey! Love anything comfy but always fun. Big earrings and lots of fun bracelets!!! Love people!

STYLE ICONS:  Audrey Hepburn, Diane Keaton, Betsy Johnson and Lady GaGa.


FAVE MOVIES, STYLE EDITION: "Gone With the Wind", "Out of Africa", "Mary Queen of Scots", "Elizabeth".

DESERT ISLAND TUNES: Any Disney movie tunes, Broadway show tunes, Oldies

PERSONAL MANTRA: Get up, Dress up, Make, Show up.

PERSONAL STYLE: Anything with a funk vibe, hippie like, colorful, flowy, avant garde, different, unique, Boho Chic. Who wants to look like everyone else?!

STYLE ICONS: Cher, Lady GaGa, Stevie Nicks, Tina Turner and Coco Chanel